In this article, the journalist Leigh Giblin, give some important advices to all the students that have
to go trough the critical, exciting but also intimidating experience of the transition from
homeschool to university. She summarize this advices in five things than can be useful the early
days at university. First off all the new graduated should choose a university that have some
orientation courses for freshman, for example one that show how to use the library in the campus
this help the new student with some new institution. Secondly student should find a college family,
this mean try to know people with whom enjoy dinner or free time. The journalist suggest also to
go to some church near the campus where you can find some help to meet friends. According to a
recent research she think also that is important for the new student to call their family during this
time, because the love and the support of the parents give them more strength. Another important
things for the freshman is to trust in their skills. Homeschool prepare student for university they
have all that is necessary for self-pacing. The fourth advice is to meet, during the office hour, the
professors and the graduate instructor to know from them about the exam the classes. In
conclusion the journalist remind to all the new student that they are not alone, if they look around
they will see that their classmates share the same experience.

Critical : something that is very important crucial.
The next period will be critical for her job.
Graduate instructor: someone who help the new students at university.
San Diego university have a good group of graduate instructors.
Self-pacing: when you are able to do something on your own.
Her best quality is that she is self-pacing.

Finally, the long battle for the vote for woman was won when a young
legislator voted as his mother urged him to vote.

This interesting article retrace the most important moments of the battle for woman suffrage. In the
United states, the vote for woman were considered for the first time in the summer of 1848, during a
convention organized by a group of woman. Charlotte Woodward was one of the young lady who
attended that convention and when in 1920 vote become a right for woman, throughout the Nation,
she was the only participant of the convention who was still alive. Very often the battles for
woman's votes were won state by state. Woman organized marches, and demonstration in front of
the White House. Also during the President Wilson's inauguration day , thousands of woman
marched for their right to vote. However in The Nation there was a well-organized and founded
anti suffrage movement, that tried in every way to derided those battles. The end of the World War Ι
is a critical moments for the affirmation of the woman right to vote. President Wilson support this
cause in a a famous speech were he credited woman activity during the war period, and recognized
to them the right. On 1919 were proposed an Amendment to the Constitution and The United State
Senate endorsed it. Every single State passe the law. A funny thing happened in Nashville,
Tennessee were a young legislator that was a participant of the anti suffrage movements change is
mind and voted to support woman right to vote because his mother urged him to that. The funny
things was that is vote was decisive for win. On August 26 the 19 Amendment became a law and
woman won their battle.

March: walk purposefully
The next week we organize a march for human right.
Endorsed : approve something, formally supported.
The law about alcohol limit for driving was endorsed by the Senate.
Urge: recommend strongly.
I urged him to join the cause.

Are You Frustrated and Stressed Out About Homework Battles?
Parents usually hate the homework war. They dread the nightly routine of fighting with their child to get them to do homework. The children don’t like this time either. An useful advice is provided in the article and it seem pretty easy. Basically, the author suggests to let the kids do their homework by themselves. The parents should set a parameter, such as a timer, for each subject. It could be useful to ask the teacher how much time on average the child is supposed to spend for the different subjects. Then the child has to be told that he or she has to work just for that amount of time. However, he must work hard for the whole time. Whatever they get done, that’s all they have to do. That the parent can write a note to the teacher telling them that the child worked diligently for this amount of time and that was what he was able to do. The child should have a break, 10 minutes is enough, between each assignment. He can do something fun during this time. The work area should be lit, quiet and free from distraction. The child can choose the order of subject that he want to do. Using this method you will be able to understand what your kid can do independently in the allotted time. He would also learn without stress and anxiety. For examples, he won’t give up doing his homework before even begin, just because they seem too many.


Dread: great fear, terror
Lit: a place with a lots of light, where you can see objects in a good way
Allotted: assigned
1. I dread staying at home alone during winter night.
2. EC classrooms are very lit.
3. The allotted time for the test is 60 minutes.

The story of the independence day
July 4th is a national holiday of the US. It commemorates the singing of the Declaration of Independence that happened in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in 1776. At that time US consisted of 13 colonies under the rule of England’s King George III. There was a growing concern about the taxes that the colonist had to pay to England. Commonly, this was referred to as “taxation without representation”. As a consequence king George sent troops to help control any rebellion. The following year the troops advanced on Concord, Massachusetts, and this battle marked the unofficial beginning of the colonials war for independence. Later on, by June 1776 the efforts of the Second Continental Congress to work out the differences with England failed. A committee was formed to compose a formal declaration of independence. Headed by Thomas Jefferson, it included, among others, John Adams, Benjamin Franklin and Robert Livingston. The first draft was presented to the congress on June 28. After various changes, a vote was taken late in the afternoon of July 4th. Of the 13, 9 colonies voted in favor, 2 against, Delaware undecided and New York abstained. Hancock, the president of the Continental Congress, signed the declaration to make it official. During the following days copies of it were distributed, and it was read to cheering crowds. Although the signing was not completed until August, that day was chosen to celebrate the independence of the United States of America. The first Independence day celebration took place the following year. By the early 1800s the traditions of parades, picnics, and fireworks were established as the way to celebrate America's birthday.
Mark: indicate
Work out: solve, figure out
Cheering: acclaiming, applauding
· Monday marks the beginning of the week;
· I was able to work out that math problem;
· Napoleon was usually welcomed by cheering crowds.

Although I’ve been in San Diego just a few days, I can honestly say that I like this city. I think it’s a wonderful place. Because of my friends and I are having problem with the GPS, we are getting lost a lot during this days, but this allowed us to see lots of beautiful places, like Del Mar or Mission bay. I also like the people here, they all seem very nice and helpful. However, if there is a thing that disappointed me, it is the weather. Despite we are in California, since I were here, every day has been cloudy and so cold for this time of the year. Consequently, I wasn’t able to enjoy the wonderful beaches that are here in San Diego. Since I have classes early in the morning, I didn’t have the opportunity to go out at night yet. Whereas, I expect a wonderful nightlife here. Actually, I have great expectations, and I can’t wait to living them!

Music and Your Body: How Music Affects Us and Why Music Therapy Promotes Health

Research has shown that music has a profound influence on our body and psyche. Because of this, music therapy, a field of health care which uses music to heal, is being used more and more. This special kind of therapy has been found benefic in many different situations like helping cancer patients or children with ADD. It seems to be most useful in pain management, calming patents and easing muscle tension. However, it presents many other benefits. The amazing effects are the results of how music affects human brain waves. In fact, brainwave activity level changes can be brought by music. As an example, strong beat can stimulate brainwave to resonate in sync with the beat, bringing sharper concentration and more alert thinking. On the other hand, slower tempo promote a calm, meditative state. With such alterations come changes in other bodily functions. Those governed by the autonomic nervous system, such as breathing and heart rate will be modulated by music. As the last point, music is also found to be useful in bringing a more positive state of mind. It can help to keep depression and anxiety at bay. This may prevent stress and keep optimism levels higher.
Useful words and expression:
· KEEP AT BAY: to keep something under control.
· SHARP: clear and definite; quick to understand, notice; sudden and noticeable.
· HEAL: make healthy again; cure.
1. The teacher wasn’t able to keep that kid at bay -> wasn’t able to control him;
2. The college science club president has an extremely sharp mind -> he mind is quick, rapid, brilliant;
3. The doctor used the traditional healing treatment for my illness -> he used the traditional way to cure me and he made me feel better.

Susan Carpenter, a journalist of the Los Angeles Time, in a recent article had notice how often in
the last year adults read book that author wrote for young people. In the past, the only reason that an
adult had for reading a teen book was only a kind of protection, teachers parents that wanted to
keep en eye on the taste of the young readers. Today things are changing, adults choose this kind of
books attracted by the well-written, fast- paced and engaging stories. It's strange because they are
the same motives that they used before for derided this book as just for kids. If we go to a subway
in these day it wouldn't be strange to see a mum with a copy of Twilight, the huge phenomenon that
is the best example of this changing. In 2009 the sell of the adult hardcovers were down, on the
contrary the sell of the children's, young, adult hardcover were up. The publisher of the famous
series Harry Potter told to the journalist that they use “the mother test” like an indication that can
revealed if a title could go wide.
To keep an eye : when you control, or check a person or things.
Please when I will not there keep an eye on the kids.
Deride: laugh at someone or something.
Because of her accent she was derided during all the evening.
Fast- paced: when something calm down in a short time.
The conflict were fast paced.

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