Could you imagine you can’t see anything, it is just only darkness? If I lost my sight, my life would be changed a lot. First for physically, I have to use help stick which is used by blinds. I couldn’t see a beautiful nature scene and my people whom I love. Also I was not able to do a lot of things. For example, I couldn’t drive a car to go anywhere I want to go. Furthermore it would be hard to get around easily. All the time, I would need helps from somebody.
Second, for my emotion, my personality is not same as now. Maybe I would be timid, weak person who scare to meet new people. It could be an influence on my school activities and social relationship. I am not sure that I could handle my pitiable situations. Nevertheless a lot of disable people are living bravely, normally, and joyfully, I think it is specialized to specific person who is born strongly.


Do you have enough time to enjoy flowers in your garden in the morning? Most of people who live in modern society don’t have enough time in order to enjoy the beauty. I think people think beauty’s is not important less than real life.
First, the reason why they easily ignore the importance about beauty is that their life is so busy to live. Not same as long times ago, they have to commute everyday to their company, and society is changed to capitalize. Therefore they are facing in front of competition every time. Also it make people don’t have enough capacity of enjoying beauty.
Second, our generation is faced by high technology. It is caused by reducing times which are spent in the nature. Even though children should spend their time in the nature space, they spend their time on the inside with computer or P2P game. It makes that we can easily miss the importance of beauty.
In the beauty, we can learn everything. So we should try to make attention to beauty.

Because America economy is depressed, employees and retailers are suffering from low wage and lack of purchasing. According to the report, the wage is higher than last year; however, this amount is too small to continue their purchasing. Also retailers try to overcome the depression of sale. Actually back-to-school shopping season is second most important of year, after Christmas, but it still has lack of sales gains even though the rate of sale increase more than 10 percent. Furthermore teen’s high unemployment rate make decrease sale profit. Nevertheless they make promotions to raise their sale kind of slashing price or buy one get on free, it can not be basic solution.

YLN (Korean speaker)