The tragedy of Michael Jackson death at age of 50 reportedly from cardiac arrest, pales in comparison to the tragedy of his life.

Jackson was born in 1958, and before he had reached the age of 6, he had joined his brothers in the Jackson 5 and he soon became the star of the group.
As Michael aged into adolescence, a solo career followed and he had the good fortune to hook up with Jones while filming The Wiz.
At 22, Michael Jackson became one of the globe's most famous people. His fame increased with Thriller which became the best-selling album of all the time. In 1983 he reached the peak of his fame and with Lionel Richie, he co-write “We Are the World”.
But his life was not only characterized by the success. He was accused of child sexual abuse, he divorced to his wife Lisa Maria Presley.
Because of the tumult in his personal life, it's no surprise that the 1990s were a barren period for Jackson creatively. But if you can forget all that, people must recognize that he was one of the most talented entertainers of the 20th century.
1. hook up: hanging thing on, making a connection, meet up. Ex. :Israel moves closer to hook up with Nato.
2. Reach the peak: come to top, culminate. Ex. China's carbon emissions may reach peak by 2030.
3. Barren: not fertile, bleak and lifeless. Ex. This is really a barren landscape.

CF (Italian student)