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This article about “ Call to heal the world’s coral reefs” .That means how to protect the coral reefs around the world. Some of Ecology and marine scientists from USA and Australia study to improve the resilience of coral reefs . And make some research hoe they can resist of climate change and human activities. Because a lot of coral reefs convert into mass of weeds and never recover. The scientists want to know the main trouble of this phenomenon. Because other reefs can be covered successfully .
The scientists put some rules to protect the reefs in the Coastal cities, Like Hawaii, Australia's Great Barrier Reef, the Caribbean, Bahamas and Philippines. The governments work with scientists to provide a health life to reefs. They Sensitization of the population , put law to fishing , Prevent the pumping of sediments in the Sea and Improve laws to protect coral reefs in the world.
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Bounce= an act of bouncing
Assets = something such as machine or building ,which company owns and uses to produse goods or services.
Resilience = a refusal to accept new ideas or changes.
Nevertheless= in spite of what has just been mentioned.
Vulnerable = easy to harm , hurt, or attack
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