Man of Style – Simon Baker

In this review an article about Simon Baker, an artist, will be summarized. On the one hand, the article outlines his fashion style, on which this review will be focused. On the other hand, his family life is shortly mentioned as he is married with the famous actress, Rebecca Rigg.

Because Simon Baker’s mother was a seamstress he has been surrounded by clothes and fashion since his infancy. Even though she made all of his clothes by herself and he was really interested in fashion, he wouldn’t describe himself as a slave to it nowadays. But he’s certainly aware of style, for instance, he feels he has to be suited up for business, whereas in his spare time he prefers corduroys and some kind of a stylish t-shirt, not necessarily white.

By other known actresses such as Amanda Righetti or Naomi Watts he is considered as a charming, gorgeous retro-surfer who isn’t vain at all.

seamstress a person who professionally sews clothes
corduroys kind of trousers
pull off (sep.) to accomplish successfully
contrived to be formed in an artistic manner
contrivance (n.), contriving (adj.), contrive (v.)