Healthy Diet for adults
Summary of an article published by the BBC. Source: (visited 4/25/2010)

The article informs the reader about the fact that a healthy diet is essential to reduce the risk of diet-related illnesses. A diet is healthy if it is well-balanced and consists of a good supply of carbohydrates, plenty of fruits and vegetables, some protein, low-fat dairy products and plenty of fluid.
The knowledge of what constitutes a healthy diet is quite high in the UK, as a consumer survey revealed. That means that most of the adults know what they should eat to lead a healthy live. Even though most of the UK adults eat to much salt and fat and an insufficient amount of fruits and vegetables.
Subsequently the article describes that a healthy diet don’t have to be complicated, tasteless or expensive. With a few changes it is possible to significantly improve the nutrition. After some specific advice for men and women the question is discussed if nutritional supplements are useful or not. The author suggests not taking any supplements if the diet is generally healthy. Finally it is mentioned that staying within save alcohol limits as well as being physically active are other important factors which influence our health.
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onerous: involving, imposing or constituting a burden; troublesome
carbohydrates: any of various neutral compounds of carbon, hydrogen, and
oxygen (as sugars, starches, and celluloses)
coronary heart
disease: a condition and especially one caused by atherosclerosis that
reduces blood flow through the coronary arteries to the heart
and typically results in chest pain and heart damage
Excursion to the tide pool on Thursday, 8th of April 2010
The most impressive animal: The pelican

On our excursion to the tide pool, we could encounter various exciting animals, from tiny crabs to impressive seals. For me, the most impressive of all was the pelican.
The pelicans that live along the coast of La Jolla belong to the species of brown pelicans and to the sub-species of California brown pelicans. The color of their plumage is brown to grey. They are large birds with a length of about 50 inches. The wingspan is in a range of six to eight feet. They have long beaks with distinctive pouches beneath it.
Pelicans can often be observed sitting on sea rocks to dry out and rest. They need to do that because their feathers are not completely waterproof although they are seabirds. Since their diet mainly consists of fish, you can easily watch them fishing. They circle above the surface of the ocean with widely spread wings. Suddenly they plunge-dive into the water to catch their prey, usually sardines, mackerels and especially anchovies. Later they fly back to the rocks and cliffs, where they usually sit together in groups to dry out as described.