Summary (Superstition)

Apple as Symbol: Apple Divination - The Symbolism of Apples

By Cheryl Lynne Bradley

In this review an article about the superstitious significance of an apple will be summarized. Even though not all the different uses will be explained, some examples will be given.
In spite of the existence of a variety of meanings for an apple, they all have in common that their importance is based on the religious meaning, since then an apple was considered as the fruit of the tree of knowledge.
Therefore an apple was, for instance, used to predict the future. On the one hand, apples were peeled and a long peel was thrown over your shoulder in order to answer an important question. If the shape ended up in an “U” or an “O”, the question was responded with a “yes”. On the other hand, the peel and the seeds were used to find out what a woman’s future lovelife held.
All in all, an apple hasn’t got only positive aspects, it might aswell reflect bad luck in the future depending on the result of the ritual.