Summarize an article about education/school.
“Why is parental involvement important in children’s education?”
Although parents are occupied with their jobs, numerous research show that them are involved with their children’s education. The researches conclude that by this way parents are building the foundations for a better education for their children. These children with this approach will be better adapted to school and it will be caused more education. In fact parents, by this way, are sending a message to their children that education is important in their life. The involvement of the parents at school is very important because children will understand the importance, for example, of reading. The parents will make sure that their children read on their right grade level and that home is conductive to education. By this way, the home should have a lot of book for their children and also different kinds of materials and tools, such as encyclopedias and magazines, which involve them in reading. The article mentions also the importance of the parents in controlling their children’s homework is done everyday. The involvement of the parents in their child daily education is very important because they could know the child’s weakness quickly. If the parents attended the conference of their child’s teacher and also they made some educative activities at school, children, observing their parents, realize how education is important through the involvement of parent in this particular interests.
1) involvement (noun): the act or fact of participating; ex.: “ He is involve in many activities in the summer campus”.
2) tool (noun): an implement used for a particular task; ex. : “ He used a lot of tools to finish his job”.
3) Weakness (Noun): the condition or quality of being weak; personal defect or failing; ex.: “she has a weakness in doing his course of studying”.

Summary: “Those Dancing Days: less of a girl band than a girl gang”
Yesterday I read an article on, which talked about a band group of five girls who are called “ Those dancing days”. They are from Karlstad in Sweden, as known the city of “happy sun”. To an outsider, they are the sexed-up version of Abba- “one blonde, one brunette, big smiles and even bigger sing-a-long choruses”. The group of five girls blend driving rhythms, twanging guitars, and Hammond organ swirls, with lead singer Linnea Jonnsson’s modern soul vocals. Their debut album is “In Our Space Hero Suits”, released at the end of last year and it has already won them rave reviews around the world. Although they are still at school and they are coming back in their town to do exams, they have a lot of success, and they’re becoming famous in many countries. The most striking thing about this group is how well they get on and how genuinely happy they are to play music together. Despite being the same age as Lily Allen when she started out, they look younger, probably because they consciously don’t set out to play on their sexiness. In conclusion they confessed that they get a lot of boy fans but they prefer girls groupies because they are much cooler.
1) twanging, to twang (verb): cause to sound with a twang(a sharp vibrating sound); ex.: “ He twanged the guitar string”.
2) To rave (verb): praise enthusiastically; ex.: “ she raved about that new restaurant”.
3) Striking (adj.): having a quality that thrusts itself into attention; ex.: “ a striking thing about Picadilly Circus is the statue of Eros in the center”.

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