Stefano Sed O Piazza

University of California, San Diego
English Language Institute

University of California, San Diego

English Language Institute
Winter 2011
Extensive Listenig Report
Complete digitally and submit via Reports are due on Monday.
Discussion on Tuesday
Name: STEFANO . 16/20 Good! I'm glad you did a listening, but you need to complete all the tasks in the report.
Date:28 Feb

****__**__DEA Bans 'Fake Pot' Products That Emulate Marijuana__**__****

1- How long did search for the listening? 10 Minutes
2- Why did decide on this listenig? It is a new topic that involves a lot of people included myself
3- How long did listen? Minutes 10
4- What other resources on the site did you access? Reading article in wich was summarized the main points of this topic
Much too difficult a bit too difficult V just right very easy too easy
5- How difficult was the listenig? clear America English
6- How much on the listenig did understand? 70 %
Explain your answer: Listenning the passage was not really difficault to me because i know the main aspects of the topic
7- How did listen? Describe the strategies you used. liste carefully I was in my room to be well concentrated and i tryed to take notes. this strategy helps me a lot also for the Toefl listenning
8- What was the listening about ? Products that emulate Marijuana
9- Write a short summary. ?????

10- What’s your opinion of the content? This listennig passage was really intresting for me because i smoke this fake pots and I fell the effects. I decided to listen this passage because I want to learn more about this topic. The other reason because i ve decided to write on this topic is his actuality. A lot of people consume this pots and dont know the effect short and long term of this products.

11- Does the author express personal opinion? The author doesn t express any opinion because this was just a scientific and cultural report. He was just focus on reporting how this pots might damage our health.