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Making and breaking codes.
Date: 02/13/2011URL:

1. How long did you search for the listening? about 1 minute

2. why didi you decide on this listening? the subject interested me because I believe break codes is a special ability.
3. How long did you hear? about 25 minutes.

4. What other resources did you access on the site?none

5. how difficult was the listening? not so dificult

6. How much of the listening did you understand? 90%. What was so easy about it?

7. How did you listen?
when the teacher was speaking I was taking notes. I listened the podcast once and I didn't felt much difficult on understanding. There was many new words and I tried to understand them by the context.

8.What was the listening about?The listening talks about computer codes, in case, data compression.

9.Write a short summary.
The lecture starts treating how computers and ipods compress the information in order to storage as many information as they can. They use the text compression to do this. In fact, every symbol is represented with seven bits and the teacher quote the example of a data with a thousand characters, which will be represented by 7 thousand bits, what is not so much. Lastly, he explain why seven bits per character, and not six or eight. The reason is that there are 95 different symbols that couldn't be covered with only 6 bits per symbol, once, 2 elevate 6 is 64, and doesn't covered all the 95 symbols. On the same way, 8 bits per character would take more space than necessary since 2 elevate 7 is 128 and can cover the 95 existing symbols.

10.What is your opinion of the content? I really like the podcast. I thought the theme interesting and treated something that I didn't have any knowledge. I learned a lot, not only English but also about the technology used by computers and code developers.
11. Does the author express personal opinion? No, he doesn't. He just expose facts and numbers. I believe this assumption is not subjective so, the teacher couldn't give his opinion.