In this set of materials, the reading passage is talking about the problem that Hamilton School District have. Which is the unacceptably high number of students who were dropping out before graduating from high school. The district found out that the reason of this problem is because the widespread social promotion. The solution that they came up with for this problem was to test students at the end of the school year to determine if they were ready to move on to the next grade level. And because they can't do this every year, they decided to do it only at the end of the sixth grade.

The district had a high hopes for the program. The results that were expected for the program was that the social promotion would end. And the students would be better prepared in junior high school and high school. And the final result was that was more students would graduate from high school.

According to the listening passage the district was unhappy with the results of the program. Because, after 10 years of the program, the results was unlike what they expected. The social promotion hasn't ended. And because of that the students ware taken the test in their sixth grade, the district found out that some students were far behind that level. Because they were social promoted in their previous grades. They also found out that the students were held back and unprepared to the high school. And the school have more students dropping out after the program than before. So, the graduation rate became lower as well. Finally, the district decided to stop the program after 10 years.

My home town is Kyung-ju. We have a lot of ruins for sight seeing. In my country we have called my home town as a city of culture. Also we held 'World Culture expo' every other year. That's because Kyung-ju was the capital of our country 1000 years ago. Even though
we have lots of ruins, the goverment is poor at keeping the old thing. People has given some damages on it. Otherwise it has burned by accident, so it needs some way to develope my hometown.
First, They need some facilities to observe tourists to keep clean the envirenment around the ruins. It could be convinient and safe. we need to set up some cameras around the ruins.
Second, we need to advertise our ruins to other country. For example we can make some advertisement through New York Times someting like that.
In conclusion it could be better conditions to invite tourists, and also it sould be good way to develop our hometown.