Novel Catch-22


While (in) the reading passage (it is) described (use present here as in the second part of your sentence) how the famous novel Catch-22 got popular, the listening passage claims (do you mean 'discusses'?) how the editor Joseph Heller chose the name Catch-22.

First of all, we need to know(,) that the content of this book is about (the) military life in World War 2, described with a lot of black comedy. The editor found himself in an unsolveable situation(,) because he didn't want to be involved in this war. He even tried to declare himself (as) "insane" to find a way out of it. But it didn't work, so he started to write this book. I could imagine(,) that it was a kind of a therapy for him to recover from the inner pain that the war caused.
So the book was realeased later in 1961, but since the World-War-2-Veterans were honored the most at this time, the novel didn't find (do you mean that 'the novel had not become a huge success as it is now'?) (the) huge success, which it has reached by now.

The name 'Catch-22' can be explained as follows: it stands for a situation(,) where there is no way out. The number 22 has not really (does not really have) a meaning(,); it just turned out to be the right number since the book was first called 'Catch-14,' but then was changed (in)to 'Catch-18,' which was again changed, because there was an other book, that already had the title 18 in it. (So) Consequently, the number 22 seemed to be the right one. Nowadays, (the) Americans use this expression - "it's a catch-22 situation" - as already said - when a situation doesn't seem resolveable and that either way(s) doesn't seem better then the other (one).

Differences between reading and listening passage

While the reading passage represents the idea of (the) scientific management as pretty positiv, the listening passage describes it in a negativ way. It declares how this concept affected the factories which tried to introduce (the) scientific management to their employees. The main idea of the whole thing was to lower? the costs but reach a higher productivity using an ideal(,) time-saving work(ing) process. Through so-called time-(/)motion studies, scientists were sent to the workes (do you mean workplace or factories?) to time their work and then to find out a reasonable way of how the work should be done in the future. The factory workers were reluctant (against) to accept? these new monoton (do you mean monotonous?) working model (this or these model?) and wouldn't accept it. The other point was(,) to split the working tasks of a higher skilled employee into several parts and disturb (do you mean 'distribute'?) them to the lower skilled workers. These method (remember 'this' or 'these' (plural)?) would save the factory the high paied salaries. But this idea raised a lot of dissatisfaction and wouldn't be (wasn't?) accepted by the people who were affected.
Factories which tried to switch and introduce (the) scientific management to their workers lost more money at the end (in the end?) (,) than they thought they would save with (its) the new conecept.

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Historical key event (Key historical...)

One of the historical key (we say "key historical") events in our country might have been(,) when the first woman was elected (for) (to) the federal council. It was in the early 1970's(,) when Ms. Koch (could) was able to celebrate such an honorable victory. (By this time) At that time, (the) women were considered as (a) mothers and (a) housewives. So, it was an absolut (use adverb in front of adjective) crucial breakthrough in our country when she entered into politics. It clearly changed the imagination of a woman, and I'm sure(,) that a lot of women started to look over(view) their lives and stand up for their rights. It surely was a turning point and must have affected their public life tremendously. After her election, women were able to vote, and they could give their voice a tone.

Ms. Koch surely was a pioneer and this election led to the way (how) our life is now. Women are free: they have the same rights as men! Equality is such an important point(,) and I truly appreciate what Ms. Kock did. She surely is a pioneer. (Are you sure you want to repeat "surely was" and "surely is" a pioneer?)

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Affection (word choice - do you mean effect?) of a recent event

I would say that one of the most recent events which affected me in some way was when we had the wild fires here in san diego (capitalize city names please) county. It was quite frightening to be in such a threatening situation. Since I do not have to deal with environtal problems such as draught in my homecountry, it was the first time that i (capitalize) had to be concerned about my life. As the fires reached the area of Del Mar, I got very concerned that we might have to join the evacuation. It's undescribable (wrong prefix) what feelings run (past tense) through my mind and at this (that?) point, I started realizing and symphasizing with the people who lost their homes and all of their posessions. What a misery ('misery' is noncount here)!

Luckily, we didn't have to leave our home, but just breathing the polluted air and seeing all this (plural of this?) sad pictures of lost homes made me feel sorry for the people. But one thing that I have to admit is that I was positively impressed by all the efforts (effort is noncount here) the San Diegien community (put for) (put into helping) the people who got evacuated. Thousands of people worked as volunteers, and it touched my heart when I saw how deep (adverb needed) the people are connected and how they sticked (stick=irregular verb) together when nothing else counted but surviving. This situation affected and taught me to appreciate the gift of living (article) carefree life.

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