What's the reason for Starbucks' success? Howard Schultz is maybe one of the biggest investors in the United States of America or even in the world. With his company, Starbucks, he created a coffee shop with almost uncountable (word choice) choices of different coffees and other beverages.

In my opinion, he was word choice on the right time at the right place. If he hadn't walked into the first Starbucks shop in Seattle, only God knows what would have happened with this company. With not only the knowledge of investment but also the sociable skills of Howard Schultz, he was able to create a coffe (spelling) shop which is actually in 37 different countys (spelling) all over the world.

Although the prize (spelling?) for a small (or in Starbucks' language - "tall") coffee is about USD 4.00, it's still extremely popular for every customer. Maybe it's the whole environment in every Starbucks shop. It's bright and there's enough space to enjoy a cup of coffee or (word choice) even more. The decoration is definitely unique as well as the names of every single beverage. The coffee is "only" (served) (insert a word) in a paper cup, whereas an other (spelling) coffee shop would or have to serve a coffee in a porzellan (spelling) cup for this prize (spelling?)! It might also be a good place to meet friends and to drink a coffee or to do your homework after school.

Actually, I just can't tell what the reason for this success is. What I know is that I've never met a person in my entire life who said he or she doesn't like Starbucks! All the different aspects I mentioned before (removed commas) come together to let Starbucks be successful. And this is just (word choice ) good!

Hakuna Matata by Alain

If you want to meet a person with a gorgeous humor and if you'd like to talk about gym and dancing, you should definetely talk to Regula.

Regula is a Swiss citizen from Hombrechtikon , a town next to Zurich. She was born there on the 30th November 1981 and grew up there as well. Unless her older sister, who's 28-years old and lives in Zurich, her parents and her grand parents live in Hombrechtikon too. She lives in an appartment and waits still for the perfect man in her life.

Regula had learnt English in secondary school for 2 years. After those years she did kind of an apprenticeship as a front-desk-employee where she really improved her English skills. She worked in a physiotherapy for the last seven and a half years but Regula quit her job to be able to take this Cambridge course here in San Diego. If everything goes right, she'd like to become a front-desk-manager.

Regulas strength is patience. That's the reason why her motto is Hakuna Matata. Keep relaxing and don't feel stressed. Her most important achievement so far is, that she was a member at the Swiss Championship in Gym. Regula doesn't know if she'll go again but she already knows that she'd like to have a family with three kids.

I don't know if Regula's going to win the Swiss Championship in Gym but I know that she loves to be here as a student of the ICAE and she will have a good time with her motto: Hakuna Matata.