The information in the reading passage talks about Catch-22. In the reading, we can see what this passage is about. It explains about the contents of the topic (try to be more specific here; what do these last two sentences mean? There is no useful information in them.)

On the other hand, the listenig passage lets us know more about the meaning(, the main point of Catch-22,). What does 'Catch-22' mean? They (who is 'they'?) focus more (in) on how they got the name Catch-22. First, it started with 'Catch-14'; after that, they had to replace it with 'Catch-18.' (and) Finally they chose the number 22. The 18 had to be changed because they had a problem with it. The number 18 was mentioned in the title of another book. The number 22 does not have a real meaning. It is just a number, (1) one number in a long line of numbers.

'Catch 22' means 'not good choice.' It used to be a specific catch. In (the) American culture, catch-22 started to be more general (in what way?), but the meaning was/is still the same(,): no soulution(,) or no way out.

I conclude that the listening passage gives you the details of the name(.): How they got that name(,) and how it was originated. (In) The reading explains more about the contents of the novel. (What the novel is about.) By knowing both (information), you are able to understand better the apssage, and it does make more sense. The contents may be easier to understand once you know the real origin of the title and how they are related each other.

Work for somebody or be your own boss.

I believe that being an employer or an employee depends on each person. Personally, I (do) prefer to be my own boss. Of course, I believe that everybody should begin their job expericience by being and employee. All of us should start like that(,). That way we can be maturer and get used to obeying orders and following rules. Being puntual is a good example of this situation. If you are your own boss, you may think that it does not matter if you are not on time, just because nobody is above you and nobody can complain. (or better said,) In other words?, nobody can do anything about your missbehaviour besides yourself. In this way, (we) you might be like a pampered and spoiled child who does not know how the real world works. (That) Life is not all about your desires but also about the fact that (we) people? need to? and (we) should do everything in a proper way. (Try to be consistent and use either 'we' or 'you', but don't switch back and forth.)

Once (that we) you have experienced how it is working for another person and following his rules, (we) you are prepared to own your own business and not to be worried about not being able to handle those situations that life may present you. (There are a couple of negatives strung together here. To be clearer, you can simply say that ' are prepared to own our own business and to handle all the situations that life may present you.')

I think that both (of them) working for someone and being your own boss (It's clearer if you restate what was said at the beginning rather than to say 'both of them.') are good. It simply depends on your type of job. If I have the oportunity to choose between (both of) them, however, I would (like) prefer to be my own boss.

Integrated Writing Task?

The reading passage focuses more on how people can improve their productivity and factory profits(,) and how to identify those factors in order to have more benefits.

The listening passage mentioned some examples (about) of the method that workers are using (why are you using the present continuous here?) in order to have different results. You can see the comparizon between lower-skilled workers and higher-skilled workers. The lower-skilled workers work like machines. They need to change this situation in order to have a better result in their work and more benefits as well. We can see that they are having (was this right now or in the past?) lower efficiency and (in) a higher cost that does not help to benefit the factory at all. They are doing (why are you using the present continuous?) the same single repetitive motions that influence (what do you mean here?) (to) their work in a bad way. As a result of that, the process is less efficient. On the other hand, the higher-skilled workers have smaller tasks(,); that way they are able to safe (=adjective; verb=save) more money, but that means that they no longer have a hight paying job.

I conclude that the main point is about how to instruct (teach?) (in) the most efficient way of doing (the) a job in order to improve efficiency. Time and motion(s) studies are essencial..

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Paraguayan History

For many years, Paraguay was a wealthy country in terms of land. As a result of this, Brazil, Argentina and Bolivia wanted (the) half of (the) Paraguay(an)'s territory. (In)At (this) that moment, Paraguay was Democratic, but the population decided that they needed some kind of power to go against this thought. (So)Consequently?/Therefore?, they decided that Eusebio Ayala might (why are you switching tenses here?) be the president of Paraguay and they will give him all the power and support him as much as they can so he can control the situation of the country by be(en)ing? a Dictator. Eusebio Ayala decided to change all those rules for new ones. He thought that closing the border and not letting people go inside (and letting people go) or outside Paraguay (it) may be a good idea to avoid any kind of inconvenience like letting the enemy come to colonize the territory. As a consequence of blocking the entrance of any people in(side)to this country, Paraguay had to learn how to be self-sufficient. Eusebio Ayala was a strict and hard working president. He had a good education, that demonstrate why he was a really cunning, clever and smart person. (This doesn't seem to have any connection to blocking immigration into Paraguay.) (He) Ayala was looking after people's (selves) welfare, so they could produce some foods and try to produce everything inside the country, this way they do (tense?) not have to trade with other countries. Avoiding any kind of contact between countries was necessary. This way, Paraguay became an independent country.
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The situation became worse and worse from day to day due to the fact that those countries mentioned before did not give up so easily. They wanted to have a negotiation so they can (tense?) have an agreement between both parts. On the other hand, Eusebio Ayala did not agree with the idea of having some kind of agreement with those countries due to the fact that he will (tense?) not benefit at all (of) from that situation and there was a lot (of thing) to lose. Tak(e)ing the chance to trade with them was not the best option (in) at that moment.
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I personally like how Eusebio Ayala managed the situation in that moment. Was a Dictatorship but with the approval of everybody. Thanks to that, they had order in the country and they could sustain themselves for a long time without any kind of help from other countries. Working all together as a team and giving the best of each one may make the difference to change the world. Be always persistent and try hard are the key to success in life. Do not give up, just try, try and try until you get the result that you are looking for. After trying hard, if you could not have the result that you were expecting, at least you know that you tried it and you will not have the thought of regret saying to yourself what would happen if...

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The recent news story that has affected me the most was (about) the big fire (that) ocurred in California. This incident did not affect me in a direct way, but it happened not so far from the place that I am staying (so) that all of us felt the moment as if we were there!
(Those) big incidents like this one affect not only the people involve(d) but also to (you do not need a preposition here) all (the) nations!! I belive that (the fact of) losing your house, belongings, and, in (the) worse (you need the superlative here) (of the) case(s), some of your family members, is not easy to overcome. Even if we cannot understand why tragedies like these (have to) happen sometimes, we have to face those problems and try to overcome (them) and be strong (from) day to day!! When the tragedy, as it was (with) this fire, affects the majority of the population, (it) affects me in some way due to the fact that (you) (I) can feel in the air the sadness of most of them(,) and you can hear and see (about) the sad event everywhere. Most of the people show their support (toward) (during) this kind of incident by having a day off at work or praying for all those people who need some support.

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