Im my opinion starbucks it becames a big and sucefull company frist of all because the mentality of the Howard the atual owner.

When he was younger after he finish his studies he went to Seatle for a busness trip for the company that he worked at the time in the east coast. Thats when he meet starbucks, at that time they just sale grains and coffe machines.. after that he went fewer times more to Seatle until he decided to quit his job to work for less to Starbucks. After that he opened his on cafeterie, and he was doing good when the oweners decide to sale starbucks and howard it was the frist person who they tought about.

Later after it was really Howard who bougth and with a hard work and a really goood relationship with his employees he made the hude Starbucks where we drink your coffe every morning!