This wiki is attached to my blog (manyenglishes.blogspot.com) and is for all teachers and my students. Evelyn's blog ('Many Englishes') has several links to sites for both general use and for exam preparation specifically (iBToefl, CAE, FCE, CPE, IELTS, etc.). In addition, I am creating several teacher links to puzzlemakers, games, and lessons that are downloadable. Sometimes being able to print out materials and photocopy them is what makes them useful for me or anyone else who doesn't have the most modern resources, so there are also pdf files that you can download.

The main difference between my blog and the wiki is that students can easily modify their writings and read comments and ask questions of me after they've written something. I created a separate membership i.d. and a password which my students can use to access their pages. Other pages are locked, so that they can't be altered accidentally or on purpose.

You can use the 'Navigation' column on the right to help guide you to material for the topic of interest to you.